Taking Leadership Lessons from the Horse Herd to the Human Herd

I loved the simplicity of the ideas that JR spoke about. It really gave me a lot of ideas and things I will try moving forward. The presentation gave me hope and I’m excited to implement the ideas he gave. Love the cowboy poetry and humor. Very engaging!

Course participant

JR Feland Bio: Founder and CEO of South Jordan Horse Lessons, a Beginner, Intermediate and Therapeutic Horse Riding Lessons School. JR graduated in Business Marketing from the University of Utah. He previously was a District Manager and VP for US Bank. JR has a passion for helping people and their horses be their best selves and loves to teach the human herd what we can learn from the Horse Herd.

Leadership Experiences: Learn how JR uses known and effective horse training techniques and draws the parallels to human leadership. JR tackles the topics of:

Becoming A Better Leader – Learn new ways to be an effective leader where you draw your followers to your vision, mission and values.

Employee Engagement – Learn new ways to motivate others and be more of a dynamic leader. Learn how to have your followers perpetually doing good things. Learn how to better communicate with your employees.

Employee Retention – Learn new ways to keep your followers and how to keep them engaged and motivated.