I liked how this presentation could help almost anyone, from a CEO to a stay at home mom to a teacher to someone who is wanting to start a company. We are all leaders in some way or another! This presentation could really help anyone. – Course Participant

Loved the personal stories and experiences with horses and application to the human herd. The presentation was easy to listen, great excitement and tone. Loved the encouragement to share thoughts and suggestions. – Course Participant

Loved the Cowboy Poetry! – Course Participant

Great ideas for parents as well as professionals – Course Participant

I loved J.R.’s style and energy – Course Participant

JR is a great teacher. He is patient. He knows horses. He knows what his students need to know, do and hear to develop leadership skills. – Jessica

JR has decades of horse experience and understands the true nature of horses. JR does a fantastic job of teaching how to understand the way horses think, how to read them, and how to lead horses. JR is a true horseman and he teaches horsemanship principles to his students in a clear and non intimidating way. My favorite part of working with JR is that he is passionate about horses and he passes that on to his students without pressuring them or being condescending. – Steve

What I have found is that learning from JR has taught me so much more than I ever expected. I never thought I would learn about leadership while riding a horse. I never thought it would be a careful balance of leadership, respect, and clear communication. I also realized that while I am a leader in my career, I have much to learn. I have taken what I learn in the arena to work with me. This has been one of the best things for me to do as an individual, a career person and as a mom.
I couldn’t say enough about JR. I grew up with people who were incredibly hard on horses and in my gut it never felt right to me. JR has a way with horses that amazes me and one day I hope to be a fraction as good with horses as he is. Veronica